My Spirit Animal

Pandaaaaaas! Don’t you just love them?! I’m sure you’ve seen all these videos of them eating, rolling down a hill, eating, falling on each other… eating again. They’re so adorable!

I was in Chengdu last February, and was really hoping to get up close with a panda. Surprise! It wasn’t allowed. 😦 Apparently, people stress them out. Spirit animal ko talaga! Hahaha! But I heard there’s a place where you can hold them and have your picture taken. It costs $300 for a photo op. Hmm… Worth it? 🙂

Here are some pictures from our trip.


It was a bit disappointing that some areas of the park were closed; like the place where you can see newborn pandas. Nevertheless, seeing those fluffy cuties still made my week. 🙂


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