Beach, Please!

Thank God for impromptu beach trips!

After months and months of missing the beach, April and I finally went to Phuket, Thailand last weekend. On Wednesday, she asked me if I wanted to go on our days off. Being the kaladkarin friend that I am, of course I’m game! By Thursday, our bags were packed, hotel was booked, and we were already flying east side of the world.


We stayed at Patong Bay Garden Resort, which is one of the few real beach front hotels in Patong beach.  Sure, there are a lot of “beach front” hotels in Patong; but actually, they’re located behind the main road, before you actually get to the sand. The rooms are spacious, staff are accommodating, and there are plenty of beach mattresses and pool lounge chairs for the guests to do their tanning (or drinking, hehehe). The bar is right between the beach and pool, so you can order your drinks wherever you decide to hang out. Not bad for 1,998 baht/night (about USD 56, tax included). Oh, and happy hour is from 4-5 PM. Buy one, take one on drinks! 🙂


With my friend/flatmate/lamon buddy, April. 🙂



Did I mention we only stayed there overnight? So we HAD to eat all the Thai food possible within 2 days. Tom yum, spring rolls, pad thai… *slurp*! Not pictured are chicken pandan, thai iced tea, crispy omelette, and mango with sticky rice. :p

Lunch time!

A favorite beach moment – sunset. Really makes me miss Boracay (where happy hour is AT LEAST 2 hours). Love your own, ‘di ba? Hehehe!


Patong beach is also know for its bustling night life. Our hotel was just a few meters from the Walking Street, lined with clubs, restaurants, and shops. Warning: The street contains adult content, and is not suitable for children. Parental guidance is recommended. 😉


Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for an island tour – a must, if you want to see the serene side of Phuket. There’s the location of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie, The Beach; James Bond Island, etc. If you’re not into partying, there are more family-friendly beaches surrounding the island; like Layan, Karon, and Surin beach. Note that we also went there during off season, so hotel prices are a bit cheaper, and the main beach is not that crowded. 🙂


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