I’ll (Not) Be Home For Christmas

‘Tis the season once again, and I couldn’t be any sadder. For the past two years, I have chosen not to have my annual leave on Christmas and New Year. When at first it sounds like an “okay” idea, it suddenly becomes one that you regret like most things you do after 1 a.m.

Last year, I opted to spend Thanksgiving in California with my family. It was fun (as most family gatherings are), but it can never compare to Christmas. I get the turkey, and Black Friday sale (enough reason to celebrate, hahah!), but it doesn’t have anything Filipino to make me regard it as a really special holiday. No feels, if you will.

This year, my leave is on February, because it will be my uncle’s wedding back in the Philippines. Ugh, why do I only get 15 days of winter leave kasi?! 😦

Having a Filipino Christmas means spending time with the entire family, having noche buena, and opening gifts while festive music is playing in the background. Togetherness, and food! 🙂 So while I’m sulking because I’ll be away for the holidays, let me post some of our photos from 2 years ago at my folks’ house. 🙂

My mom still puts gifts inside our Christmas stockings. :p
Breakfast before heading to church.
Mandatory to wear red.


This is my momma!
Our family lunch. 🙂
The dessert table, where I eventually hung out.
My youngest brothers, Max and Walter.
Walter, the underdog. Hahah!
We always have matching jammies 😀
New year in Long Beach! 🙂

Fortunately, I was given a couple of LAX flights just last month, and a few days ago, so I got to spend a few days with them. Hopefully, I’ll be there for the holidays in 2017. For now, facetime will have to do. 🙂

….No. Actually, it won’t. IT WILL NOT DO. Huhuhu!!! I want my mommyyyy!!!

Hahaha! :p


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