What’s New?

I know I’m a little late, but… Happy new year! šŸ™‚ How’s the first 2 weeks of 2017 so far?

I have always tried to set a small, fun goal every new year; but for 2017, I’m racking my brain for an idea. I’ve already done a book challenge, savings challenge, and travel challenge (which I didn’t complete, but didn’t do bad atĀ either).

I sort of started with a fitness routineĀ a week ago, wherein I FORCE myself to exercise almost everyday. I don’t want to make it my yearly challenge, because I know right from the start that I will lose. Hahah! ButĀ that’s what’sĀ motivating me! You know when somebody tells you that you can’t do it? And you just do it for the sake of proving them wrong? Yup, I am my own worst enemy.

So okay, I will make it official hereĀ paraĀ mayĀ pressure. >_<

Just to make it clear, this fitness challenge only includes exercising. It does not, in any way, involve a diet. I love food too much.

How about you? What are your goals/resolutions for 2017? šŸ™‚



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