All Hail! To Our Beloved Handwriting!

The Assumption penmanship has finally been created into a font by typeface designer, Mikko Sumulong… and I’m going crazy over it! 🙂

Image from

We went through a few quarters in third grade (?) learning the unique handwriting. I think 90% of us don’t really like using it on a normal basis because it was mandatory when writing formal essays in class. It was sort of forced on us, haha! It’s only after graduating that I appreciated and loved this handwriting. 🙂 Not only is it beautiful, it’s also a way for you to recognize fellow Assumptionistas. Whether you’re from AA or San Lo, I’m sure this brings hundreds of happy memories from your childhood.

By the way, “old girl” is our term for an Assumption alumna. 🙂

Check out Mikko Sumulong’s website for her downloadable handwritten fonts. Super love them! They’re your high school scribble dreams in digital form. 🙂


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