Chris Ofili’s The Caged Bird’s Song

From April to August 2017, Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic is on display in the Sunley Room of the National Gallery in London. Upon first glance at the huge tapestry, I was immediately drawn to its colors, intricacies, and representation. And as I look more closely into the details of the artwork, I became more astounded at how skilled hands can create such a beautiful craft.


Chris Ofili, in collaboration with Dovecot Tapestry Studio, was commissioned by The Clothworker’s Company to create this handwoven masterpiece. Although designed by Ofili, equal, if not more, credit should be given to the master weavers who executed the finished product. To be able to demonstrate the characteristics of watercolor into tapestry makes The Caged Bird’s Song a piece definitely worthy of praise.

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