Describe the Perfect Date

It wasn’t April 25th. It was a cool summer day on August 11th, and the only way to spend it was outdoors. You don’t even need a light jacket! :p

I was opting for a home standby rather than operate a flight because I’m just one tired mess, but once we landed into Madrid, my mood went from lethargic to hyperactive in seconds. :))


I didn’t have an itinerary. I just wanted to enjoy the day, walking around Madrid, and seeing people revel in the ideal sun-wind-temperature balance of that afternoon. I loved how a lot of people chose to hang out in the park, instead of staying at home, spending the day engulfed in the internet. Days like this are meant to be taken advantage of. It’s fun, it’s pretty, and it’s free!

Parque del Buen Retiro


It was 15 degrees Celsius in the morning, and about 23 in the afternoon. Even rowing a boat won’t make you icky with sweat!

It was already seven in the evening when I reached the park, and the sun only set at around nine. Oh how I love Europe in the summer! ❤


I capped the night off with a glass of refreshing sangria, and a huge serving of seafood paella. Lately, I’m really appreciating days when I can just spend time with myself – people-watching, reading a book under the sun, and quiet nights with good food and wine. Not that I feel old. Not at all! I’ve just taken a more relaxed approach to everyday life. Haha! All’s good, and I’m extremely thankful. 🙂


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