A Whole New (View of the) World

Hello there! Just last week, I had LASIK surgery on both eyes, and I can’t contain my happiness with my newly-acquired ultramegasuper vision. :))

For those who wear glasses or contact lenses, you know that the struggle is real. Waking up with blurred vision, “looking” for your glasses with your hand, and the expenses of buying monthly, or in my case, daily contact lenses! Not to mention being extra careful every time you go swimming, and looking very cool with your goggles so you won’t get water in your eyes.

I’d been wearing glasses since I was in high school, and my eyes’ lens power have been constantly increasing since then. Last year, I was having allergic reactions to monthly lenses, so I shifted to dailies, which are waaay expensive. So, I finally decided to have LASIK eye surgery.

I had it done in Shinagawa in Makati, Philippines. They use the latest technology, and apparently it’s painless! The consultation and procedure can be done on the same day. If you plan on doing the same, I suggest going there at 9 a.m. so you can have the tests done in the morning, and have the surgery in the afternoon. The actual procedure only takes a minute, but the preparation is quite lengthy. Otherwise, you can always do the tests one day, and come back on another for the LASIK itself.

Waiting for my turn, and cherishing the last few moments with my glasses before I say goodbye.

With all the tests, eye dilation (takes 3-4 hours to subside), and pre-op preparations, I finished the entire process at 7 in the evening. I wasn’t stuck inside the clinic though. I was walking around Makati, hanging out at a nearby Seattle’s Best, but with a blurry vision (because of the eye dilation drops). I had to wait for my eyes to go back to normal before the surgery. Make sure you have a companion, because it’s really difficult to see (thanks and sorry, Leon, for taking all the badgering while I was blind).

True enough, it was painless, and the doctors at Shinagawa were really encouraging and friendly. It was like having cheerleaders in the background while they were operating on my eyes. I was basically blind the entire time, with only the anesthetic eye drops giving me courage, plus the surgeon saying, “you’re doing great! Just look straight! Perfect!” And it was done. 🙂

Loot bag with post-op care instructions

An hour after surgery, my eyes started to become really dry, and my tear ducts compensated by producing excessive amounts of tears. It wasn’t painful, just bothersome. By morning, my eyes feel like brand new, and I can see every detail of every effin’ thing! I had to wear the protective glasses they gave, but being the maarte person that I am, I just wore my sunglasses everywhere. Yes, even INSIDE a mall. I would cringe at the sight of people wearing shades indoors, but WHATEVER. I have 15-15 vision, and the lights are too bright for me. 😀 Sorry for being a braggart, but it feels so good to finally see clearly! :))

The morning after, in a restaurant. Feeling like a celebrity who doesn’t want to be recognized. I should have worn a hoodie too.

So if you’re tired of wearing glasses or getting dry and irritated eyes from contacts, go for LASIK. It’s worth every penny!



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