Tinipak River

Being a mountainous province, Rizal has an abundance of waterfalls, rivers, and springs. As the population and infrastructure grow in major towns, it’s surprising that there are still pristine ecosystems that are easily accessible by road.

Before my birthday, we went to Tinipak River in Daraitan, Tanay. From neighboring municipality, Taytay, we headed out at six in the morning, and got there just after seven. The drive includes scenic mountain views, passage through small towns, and a bit of rough road just before arriving at Daraitan. We parked near the baranggay hall, where you can get a tour guide for 500 pesos (day tour).

A 5-minute tricycle ride took us to Tinipak, after which we hiked for another 20 minutes before reaching one of the most scenic places I’ve ever been to. 🙂

Some light rain in the morning.



We went there on a Thursday, that’s why we were able to enjoy a serene and uncrowded river. Paolo and Apple said that they previously visited on a weekend, and it turned out to be a disaster. The place packs almost a thousand people on Saturdays and Sundays!



Growing up in a congested area, and commuting to and fro polluted cities daily, this is literally a breath of fresh air.


Just look at those rock formations and crystal clear water! The spring gives potable water straight from the mountains. Besides swimming, you can also go inside the caves and hike Mt. Daraitan.

This photo is neither edited nor filtered!


The current wasn’t that strong, and the water level is just right for swimming. If it does get higher, jumping from one of the big rocks is a must. 🙂

Perfect spot 🙂
Thanks Leon, Paolo, and Apple!

I wish our local governments will pursue the preservation of their towns’ natural treasures. It will be extremely beneficial not only for tourism, but also for the living conditions of their people. 🙂


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