Tiger Cave Temple

Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea) is a Buddhist place of worship in Krabi, Thailand. To reach the temple, we had to climb 1,237 steps; some of which are more than a foot high. For comparison, the Eiffel Tower is almost the same height at 300 meters.


Just looking at this picture makes me dizzy. :/

The actual cave can be found at the foot of the hill, where monks live, and where tiger paw prints were discovered on the walls (hence the name).

I’m not really a fan of the stairmaster, so the climb was a bit challenging. Ultimately, we reached the top after 32 minutes, with a few stops every few flights. I really timed it because one guy said he reached it in 27 minutes, and I cannot not compete with that. :)) It was no record, but I just wanted a bit of fun. I mean, the Empire State Run-Up  record is just under 10 minutes for 1,576 steps. 🙂


fullsizeoutput_43d5It was all worth it when we reached the temple and saw the spectacular view. You can see Krabi town from up there, where you can take in the fresh, cool breeze brought by the surrounding greenery. Look at this beautiful drone shot. 🙂

Big Buddha


Remember to bring water (there’s also a water dispenser when you reach the top), wear comfortable footwear, and wear appropriate clothes when you visit the temple. Ideally, shoulders have to be covered, and lower garment should at least be knee length. The shawl I’m wearing in the photo was borrowed at the entrance gate (you just have to give a donation of any amount). After all, this is a sacred place; and visitors must always be respectful, whatever our religion may be.

Cute baby monkey hanging onto its mom.

Oh, and there are monkeys everywhere, so be careful. If you bring food, they will most likely steal it from you. :))


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