Pintô Art Museum

I’m currently on an unplanned long vacation in the Philippines; and since my extended stay was unexpected, I didn’t plan any out-of-town trips. Luckily, there are so many things to do in our province, Rizal.

A few minutes drive from our house in Taytay is the Pintô Art Museum in Antipolo City. Far from the main road, it is nestled in a private subdivision, surrounded by lush greenery.

I was already entranced the moment I saw the facade. The small foyer opens up to a spacious hacienda style complex where every corner has one form of artwork or another. From the manicured lawns, to the statues, to the furniture, you will not run out of “instagrammable” spots here.

There is heavy Cycladic (as in Santorini) influence in the architecture as well numerous statues of Greek gods. I really fell in love with the place. It feels like a vacation home in Santorini, but with Filipino interiors.

Most of the artworks are contemporary paintings and installations, but as I mentioned earlier, everything here is artsy.

The in-house restaurant, Cafe Rizal, serves Japanese, Spanish/Filipino, and Italian food. I guess countries where Jose Rizal (Philippine National Hero) went to? The interiors are also decked with Rizal paintings, hence, my fondness for it. The food’s not bad too.

I had a really wonderful time in Pintô that even the light rain that morning didn’t bother me. To the guys/girls reading this, bring your SO here and have that quiet stroll while talking about random things. Guaranteed pogi/ganda points! Even if they’re not that into museums, I bet this one will change their minds. 😉

Pintô Art Museum is open everyday (except Mondays), from 9am to 6pm. Entrance fee is Php200.

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