On the Job

Lucky are the people who get to say “I love my job”, or “I can see myself doing this forever”. That was my case with being a flight attendant, and this is my farewell to that short but sweet love affair. 🙂

Taking a full body photo to send with my application. Haha!

Recruitment for flight attendants is a tedious process because you’re literally competing with thousands of other applicants. The job’s selling point is “travel the world for free, and get paid for it”, but there is so much more to being cabin crew. Besides the physical strains and changing time zones which can take a toll on your immune system, hormones, and well, your entire health; you also have to deal with the usual customer situations everyday. Did you know that toilets in the aircraft don’t clean themselves? :)) Yep, another one of our job description’s fine print.


Amidst all the stress, nothing will ever compare to the experiences I gained in the seven years that I was flying. From living a sheltered life in the Philippines, I went and explored the world (and life) on my own. I have been to countries I’d never heard of, met people from different walks of life, learned to say “thank you” in at least 10 different languages, and have experienced saying goodbye 300 times in 15 minutes (you will feel like you just had a Botox after smiling to all deplaning passengers, seriously).

Relax guys, we’re parked. 😉

Those were the best days, but plans change, and all good things must come to an end. I can say that I learned a lot since I moved out of my comfort zone, lived alone, and became independent. Now, I am more than excited for a new chapter ahead, and I am glad I left flying with only good memories in tow. Hashtag blessed. 🙂


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