Food Tour in Rome

Ancient Romans are infamously known as gluttons. There even came a time when an Emperor had to implement laws to abate extravagant eating in gatherings. They just love lots and lots of food! And why wouldn’t they? When you came from the race that gave birth to pizza (although it was invented much later on), […]

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Describe the Perfect Date

It wasn’t April 25th. It was a cool summer day on August 11th, and the only way to spend it was outdoors. You don’t even need a light jacket! :p I was opting for a home standby rather than operate a flight because I’m just one tired mess, but once we landed into Madrid, my […]

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Rizal in Madrid

I was fortunate enough to see the Rizal Monument in Madrid, much similar to the one that we have in Manila. Although smaller, and less grandiose (the Manila version is guarded by security from the Philippine Marine Corps), Madrid’s Rizal bears the same significance of the legacy that our national hero has left us. Stationed […]

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Prepare for Croatia

I don’t even know where to begin, so let me start by saying this – I was in King’s Landing, you guys! I was in King’s Landing! Well, I was in Split and Dubrovnik – two of the main shooting locations for Game of Thrones’ fictional city. June is a perfect time to be there, […]

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